Hello. I’m Mykala Micek and I have dedicated most of the past two decades to the creation, advocacy, and facilitation of expressive arts. I’m glad you’re here.

Experience and research have taught me that art makes life both more beautiful and more bearable, and we should all have a lot more of it in our days. I love to explore what it means to be human through both the process of art-making and through sharing this work with others. I create in a variety of mediums including dance & movement, textile design and writing. 

I believe art has the inherent ability to teach us about ourselves and the world, and it fosters connections in our minds and bodies that are difficult to establish through other means. Art is transformative for both creator and audience; it is a unique and powerful bridge between our inner experiences and outer worlds. Sometimes we don’t know what’s going on inside until that thing makes its way out and onto a page or canvas or into a new shape or song. Other times we know exactly what’s going on, but don’t have a great way to share our experience with others. Art helps with all of this: it is simultaneously a salve and a messenger.

I am passionate about facilitating personal growth and healing using multiple art modalities, and I incorporate my education in human development and existential psychology into almost all of my creative work. I have spent time in a diverse range of roles as an artist, teacher, and consultant, and I enjoy designing and facilitating various art experiences for all.

M a k e


f e e l



M.A. in Counseling + Psychological Services, 2013
Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

M.A. in Human Development, 2013
Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

B.A. in English-Writing, 2007
University of Saint Thomas, Saint Paul, MN


106 W Water St
Studio 575
Saint Paul, MN, 55107